Utilizing the giant Earth Balloon which students and teachers enter, and stunning visuals, children will explore various aspects of our Earth. In addition to our standard programs below, we can also create tailor made, grade specific programs to suit your exact curriculum needs. Here are just a few topic examples:

For Earth Science

  • Layers of the Earth
  • Animal and Plant Adaptations
  • Volcanoes Rocks and Minerals
  • Earthquakes Weather and Climate
  • Animal Migrations
  • Geography
  • The Water Cycle
  • The Life Cycle
  • Ocean Life/Desert Life/etc

For Global Studies

  • How Climate affects Habitat
  • Human Adaptations
  • Population Growth and Distribution
  • Explorers
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Cultural Heritage Programs
  • Human Migrations
  • River Valley Settlements
  • Human Effect on Environment
  • Topics in Geography
  • Human Stewardship


Our Living Planet (K - Grade 4)

In this program we study the geography of Earth, the location of things like continents, oceans, rainforests, arctic regions, deserts. We relate these areas to habitats and life-forms, seasonal change and culture. We also study the significance of the poles and equator.


Under the Earth's Skin (Grades 2-6)

We look at the internal structure of Earth from core to crust, and examine this structure as it relates to various phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanos, as well as life. We also discuss the earth's invisible layer, the atmosphere.

Going Green (Grades 2-8)

This is a wonderful introduction to climate change and how humans have affected planet Earth. Besides discussing the science behind global warming, this program offers practical ideas that students can employ in order to contribute to going green.

Climate and Biome (Grades 2-8)

This program functions on two levels: first, how variousclimates such as tropical, desert, tundra, arctic, and temperate relate to their global position,and second, how they influence the biosphere, plant and animal type and adaptation. 

Water, Water Everywhere (Grades 2-8)

Water is unquestionably life’s most important resource. All living creatures depend on it. In this program we explore fresh water, salt water, oceans, the water cycle, water use, water and climate, and the importance of water to life.